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Weather Authority Alert for severe storms and heavy rain Wednesday evening | News


We have activated a Weather Authority Alert for Wednesday afternoon into late Wednesday night for the potential for more severe thunderstorms and heavy rain.

SPC Outlooks 2.png

The southern half of the area (KY, TN, & SEMO) are included in a level 3 “enhanced” risk for severe storms for this evening. This may include a risk for damaging winds, hail, and possibly a couple of tornadoes. 

A large area of rain will be moving into the area for this afternoon. An isolated strong storm can’t be ruled out this afternoon, but it appears that the best ingredients for severe weather will move in later this evening, between 8PM – 1AM. 


Initial storms this evening may begin with a few supercells in SEMO toward 8-9PM. These may have a slightly higher risk for hail or a tornado. By 10-11PM, storms will likely congeal into a line with more of a damaging wind threat as they move into KY & TN. Most of the storms should be south of our area by 1AM. 


In addition to the threat for severe storms, there may be some repeat rounds of heavy rain over parts of the area, which could lead to at least some minor flooding issues. Areas from the MO Bootheel into NW TN look to have the highest chance for some 2-3″ rainfall totals. 

Be sure to have your devices charged up tonight, and have multiple ways to receive and hear warnings if they are issued, including your WPSD Radar app. Stay with us tonight as we track the storm. 

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Kim Kardashian Snaps Selfie With Karlie Kloss Amid Taylor Swift Drama – Hollywood Life


Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss

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Image Credit: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian hasn’t outwardly responded to Taylor Swift‘s rumored diss against her, but she isn’t afraid of a little Internet gossip. The 43-year-old reality TV star recently posted a selfie with Taylor’s rumored on-again, off-again friend Karlie Kloss days after the pop star, 34, released her apparent diss track “thanK you aIMee,” which many believe is about her feud with Kim.

The Kardashians personality uploaded a throwback group shot to her Instagram Stories earlier this week, featuring pal Derek Blasberg, sister Khloé Kardashian, W Magazine editor-in-chief Sara Moonves and Karlie, 31. The gang were commemorating Derek’s birthday.

Although Kim didn’t direct any attention to Karlie, fans couldn’t help but notice that she was in the photo, and many are convinced that it’s a dig toward Taylor.

“Kim Kardashian posting Karlie Kloss right now is truly f**king crazy oh my god,” one X user tweeted. “Kim Kardashian sharing a two-year-old photo of her and Karlie Kloss to her story four days after Taylor Swift dropped a song about her is SOOOOO rich…we are SOOOOOO back [sic],” another social media user chimed in.

Another person went so far as to tweet, “kim kardashian is clever.. using karlie kloss (taylor’s ex lover) to annoy her. Crazy Hollywood [sic].”

Taylor and Karlie’s friendship dates back to 2012. In the years to come, the women were photographed hanging out on several occasions. Some Swifties even speculated that Karlie and Taylor were dating at one point, but neither of them ever confirmed the rumor. In 2015, Karlie appeared in Taylor’s iconic “Bad Blood” music video, which featured more of the singer’s close friends.

Taylor Swift, Jay Z, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
Getty Images

At some point down the line, Karlie and Taylor seemingly grew apart, but the model showed up to one of Taylor’s Eras Tour concerts in 2023.

Moreover, Karlie has had a friendship with the Kardashian-Jenner family for years. It’s unclear if that caused a rift between her and Taylor. However, Taylor spoke out against Kim in a 2023 TIME magazine interview, confirming that their feud was still a problem. While speaking to the publication last December, Taylor recalled how Kim illegally recorded a phone call between her and the SKIMS founder’s then-husband, Kanye “Ye” West. The two music artists were discussing Ye’s song “Famous,” which includes a diss against Taylor.

“You have a fully manufactured frame job, in an illegally recorded phone call, which Kim Kardashian edited and then put out to say to everyone that I was a liar,” Taylor told TIME. “That took me down psychologically to a place I’ve never been before. I moved to a foreign country. I didn’t leave a rental house for a year. I was afraid to get on phone calls. I pushed away most people in my life because I didn’t trust anyone anymore. I went down really, really hard.”

Cornhusker State Games event coming to Grand Island – KSNB


Cornhusker State Games event coming to Grand Island  KSNB

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Diane Kruger & Justin Theroux Help Dr. Barbara Sturm Launch Her New Glow Cream


Diane Kruger and Justin Theroux were VIP guests of Dr. Barbara Sturm while attending the launch of her new glow cream.

Barbara hosted an intimate group of friends and family for a dinner at Torrisi in celebration of her newest skincare innovation, the Glow Cream, on Tuesday (April 23) in New York City.

In addition to Diane and Justin, other guests included Nicky Hilton, model Alton Mason, and Barbara‘s daughter Charly Sturm, who serves as SVP of Brand Development for the skincare company.

The Glow Cream isn’t available just yet, but you can sign up for early access right now.

In the meantime, shop right now for all of the Dr. Barbara Sturm must-haves.

Browse through the gallery for more photos from the event…

Disclaimer: Some products on this site use affiliate links and we may earn commission for any purchase made through the links.

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Khloe Kardashian Isn’t Dating Anyone: ‘Love Isn’t on Her Mind’


Khloe Kardashian Is Not Dating Anyone
Joey Andrew/startraksphoto.com/Cover Images

Khloé Kardashian does not have love on the brain.

“Khloé isn’t currently dating anyone, she is focused on being a mom and is very happy with that right now,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly of Kardashian, 39. “Khloé has a very small circle of friends and family and feels supported and happy, love isn’t on her mind at the moment.”

Kardashian shares daughter True, 6, and son Tatum, 20 months, with ex Tristan Thompson. Kardashian and Thompson, 33, dated on and off between 2016 and 2021, splitting for good after his paternity scandal with Maralee Nichols.

A source previously told Us in March 2023 that Thompson — who also shares son Prince with Jordan Craig and son Theo with Nichols — was open to rekindling his connection with Kardashian, but the reality star repeatedly shut down his attempts of getting back together. Kardashian does intend to continue amicably coparenting True and Tatum with Thompson.

“With me and Tristan, would it be really easy to never talk to him again and to just badmouth him or whatever? Of course. But it’s way harder to be nice,” she told Tmrw magazine in a January profile. “It’s way harder when you’re really mad at someone, it’s really hard to sit in their face in front of your kids and be like, ‘Hi!’”

Kardashian continued at the time, “Trust me, that’s not how I feel every day. I had to learn to take control of my feelings. There were so many times that my feelings got control of me and I was impulsive and I tweeted something or posted something and things that you regret. But in my opinion, I’ll never regret being a nice person.”


Related: Khloe Kardashian’s Best Quotes About Motherhood, Raising 2 Kids

So in love! Khloe Kardashian welcomed her daughter, True, in April 2018 with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, and the reality star has been gushing about her baby girl ever since. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum opened up about her dreams of motherhood long before her newborn arrived. “I’m a really fun aunt, […]

After breaking up with Thompson, Kardashian briefly romanced a private equity investor for two months in summer 2022. Us confirmed that August that Khloé and the businessman, whom she met through sister Kim Kardashian, were no longer seeing each other as their connection “fizzled out.”

Khloé was previously married to Lamar Odom, tying the knot in September 2009 after one month of dating. They split nearly four years later in December 2013, but the proceedings were put on hold when Odom, 43, was left comatose after an overdose. Khloé served as Odom’s caretaker until he made a full recovery. The Good American designer later refiled for divorce in May 2016 and it was finalized seven months later.

With reporting by Travis Cronin

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How to Stay Inspired as an Actor


Does anyone else feel exhausted already this year? I always make the same mistake of going too hard, too fast at the start of a new year and end up riding the edge of burnout by April. I’ve got a lot of friends who are passionate, talented actors and artists who love what they do. But like me, they hit the same brick wall. Let’s talk about how to stay inspired as an actor.

Learning how to stay inspired as an actor will help you navigate the ‘down times’, when your career is quiet or when you find yourself exhausted from the hustle. The answer doesn’t lie in avoiding feeling tired altogether, but how you can harness dips in energy and ensure you’re fuelling up to hit the ground running again.

Acting is so much fun, but requires so much work. It’s very easy to get carried away with it–particularly at the start of a new year because when you might feel rested and motivated. Sometimes, no matter how driven or passionate you are, no matter how much work you are or aren’t getting, you’ll find yourself in these periods of exhaustion. Learn to cope with these, to deal with these, and you’ll be back on top again in no time. 

Motivation and Inspiration

First of all: I’m not writing an article about how to stay motivated as an actor (partially because we’ve already written that one.) Motivation and inspiration go together like vanilla milkshakes and French fries but they aren’t the same thing.  Motivation is what keeps you moving towards your goals. inspiration is the drive you have to set those goals. It’s that feeling you get from watching a great performance and thinking: “I want that. I want to be them.”

The problem is: when you’re feeling exhausted or downtrodden and you lose your sense of inspiration, it’s hard to stay motivated. And your goals grow old and un-ticked-off. When you’re feeling this way, your body/mind are telling you that it’s time to take a break. That’s normal and we should honour that. The temptation to keep pushing through these feelings is dangerous and can lead to burnout.

The great thing about inspiration is that it’s not as elusive or energy-consuming as we think it is. Motivation will always be there, so long as you’re staying inspired.

The Path to Inspiration: An Acting Parable

To explore the different ways to stay inspired as an actor, I’m going to tell you about my favourite, fictional actor, Nick Von (previously known as Schnitzel Von Crummington III in our stage name article.) Nick has been killing it for a couple of years, now. They’ve been on the main stage, they’ve been in a couple of feature films and they even landed a principal role in a limited Netflix series.

But that series was wrapped and released a couple of months ago. Things have gone quiet. The only auditions Nick is getting are for commercials—which they’re grateful for–but every tape feels like a huge chore just to be present for the camera. Nick watches the tapes back and is disappointed. They start to question whether or not they really have what what it takes to be an actor.

Their instinct is to push harder. They sit down with a two-line script for a toothpaste commercial and develop a character with a three-page backstory and peanut allergy. They ask their friend Claire to come over and workshop the character and give notes. The first thing Claire says when she walks in is: “Wow, Nick, you look exhausted.”


Lightbulb. Nick is exhausted. They’ve hardly had any time to themselves for the better part of two years. They need some time off, but they’re worried that taking time off is a sign that they’ve lost all their motivation. Claire is watching all this flash across Nick’s face and suggests they do some yoga.

For the next 30 minutes, Claire and Nick are listening to the dulcet tones of Yoga with Adriene. After they’re finished, they spend some time stting and noticing their breath. Nick is already feeling a lot better. They shoot the toothpaste tape and send it off without a second thought. Claire suggests to Nick they should make a daily habit of practicing some form of mindfulness.

Over the next few days, Nick journals in the morning and does yoga whenever they get a spare half an hour. At night, Nick also makes a considered effort to check in with themselves and notice how they’re feeling without judging or trying to change it. The days start to feel a little longer and Nick notices they’re feeling less anxious about their career.

The Neutral State

Practices like yoga, meditation, physical exercise and journalling are essential tools. Our world moves at a staggering pace and encourages people to keep up regardless of how it could be affecting their physical and mental health. We’re so used to being overstimulated all the time that this abnormal state of being has become normal.

Making time to practice some form of daily mindfulness will allow your body to settle back into its natural patterns of regulation. You may have heard of “the neutral state” or “coming back to neutral” being taught in drama classes. “Neutral” is essentially a state of mindfulness where your body is relaxed and aligned so that it can dive headfirst into a character and/or scene without any held preconceptions about either.

Creativity flourishes when you practice mindfulness and allow your body to come to stillness in our nonstop world.

Trying Something New

Claire and Nick have been going to yoga classes for a few weeks now and they have a perspective-shifting conversation after one particularly rigorous Vinyasa session. Nick loves acting. It’s all Nick thinks about, reads about, dreams about and talks about. Claire noticed that Nick is muttering Shakespeare’s sonnets under their breath during their yoga classes and thinks it’s time for an intervention. Claire starts by asking Nick what their hobbies are. What do they enjoy doing in their spare time? What’s something that brings them joy? Nick’s answer is: “Acting, of course!”

“Acting is your job,” says Claire, “Even if it’s your dream job. When was the last time you learned a new skill?”

“Well, I learned about a great acting technique by Mike Leigh-“

“That’s still acting. Come on, I’ve got a voucher for a pottery class that we can try this afternoon.”

Work/Life Balance

Actors, even the most passionate of our kind, still need to consider their work-life balance. It’s particularly difficult because the work of an actor is often to imitate life in some way, so the line between where our work ends and where our lives begin can get very blurry. 

An essential part of being a well-rounded human being is to learn new skills and take interest in things you wouldn’t usually consider interesting. Pick up an instrument, read a book about science, go for a hike, take a coding class, go to a karaoke night–the less it has to do with the craft, the better. 

I’ll tell you a secret, though. It’s all part of the craft. Any skill or activity that requires you to engage with the real world in some way makes you a better person and, by extension, a better actor. That being said, try something new that sparks joy, not because you think it would be a good addition to your special skills section of your resume.

Get Social

Nick considers themselves an introvert. They have a handful of close friends, but no one except Claire has heard from Nick since they landed that Netflix series. Nick’s journals are starting to fill up with lines like: “I just need to focus on my work”“I’m too busy to socialise”, “I’ll get back to those texts eventually”.

Once again, our fearless hero Claire is here to save the day. She arranges a dinner with Nick and all of their friends. It’s an emotional reunion, filled with “I haven’t seen you in forever!” and “How are you?” and Nick tells them all about the pottery classes and hikes and piano lessons. They’re all shocked and delighted: they won’t be enduring a night of Nick actorsplaining the intricacies of Stella Adler, but rather one of board games and jokes and deep and meaningful conversations. All the good stuff.

As an actor, you need people in this life: both in the biz and outside of it. There have been a lot of recent studies that show the greatest contributor to good health and overall happiness are peoples’ social connections. It makes sense because human beings are pack animals – back in the day, if you didn’t have a tribe of reliable people looking after each other, you were dead. Engaging with other people doesn’t only give you more insight to the human condition which is necessary to understand if you want to be a good actor, it keeps you happy and sane which is just as necessary to being a good actor.

Back to It

It’s been a whole month and Nick hasn’t felt anxious about their career at all. Their feet are getting closer to the ground in downward dog, they’ve learned to play Hot Cross Buns on the piano and they haven’t spent this much time with their pals since high school. They look at themselves in the mirror one morning and with a glowing smile and a deep breath say: “It’s time.” They open their phone and book tickets to a stage play.

Nick is nervous. What if it’s not the same? What if they’ve been away from it for too long? They take a deep breath, notice how they’re feeling and decide that it doesn’t matter. What will be, will be. The lights go down and the curtains go up. It’s a rush that Nick hasn’t experienced in almost two years. The lights, the set, the electricity in the air, the rise and fall of the actors’ shoulders as they wrestle with their objectives and their relationships and given circumstances. Nick feels a pull to the stage, a deep appreciation for the actors and the director and the writer and everyone who made the show possible. When the curtain goes down, Nick leaps to their feet, applauding. Around them, people are a little confused: it was good but it wasn’t that good…

Over the coming days, Nick gets tickets for as many films and plays as they can. They’re noticing things about the acting, script, cinematography, lighting and the sound that they’ve never considered before. There’s a richness to it all.  And when those auditions finally start rolling around, Nick is excited: ready to meet them with all of this fresh energy.

Finding Inspiration in the Work of Others

You also don’t have to completely step away from acting in order to recover your inspiration like Nick did. Seeing films and theatre shows and reading plays can be a part of your life just as much as yoga and socializing and pottery classes are.

The simple act of exposing yourself to other peoples’ work can be incredibly inspiring and valuable for your own craft. But don’t just stop at film and theatre, though. Read lots of books, fiction and non-fiction, play video games, go to clown shows and puppet shows, art galleries and museums. Find as many stories and ways of telling stories as possible and soak them up. If you’re living fully and experiencing new things and learning new skills, this will inform the way you absorb these stories—and gift you perspectives you’ve never had before.


Simply put: the way to get inspired as an actor is to live a good life. It’s what makes this job one of the best in the world, because all of the best things in life are technically research for the actor. If you’re looking after yourself and the people around you and seeking out new ways to grow and engage with the world, you’re going to be just fine.

 I’ll leave you with a beautiful letter written by musician Nick Cave to a young aspiring artist.

“Read. Read as much as possible. Read the big stuff, the challenging stuff, the confronting stuff, and read the fun stuff too. Visit galleries and look at paintings, watch movies, listen to music, go to concerts – be a little vampire running around the place and sucking up all the ideas you can. Fill yourself with the beautiful stuff of the world. Get amazed. Get astonished. Get awed on a regular basis, so that getting awed is habitual and becomes a state of being. Fully understand your enormous value in the scheme of things because the planet needs people like you, smart young creatives full of awe, who can minister to the world with positive, mischievous energy, young people who seek spiritual enrichment and who see hatred and disconnection as the corrosive forces they are. These are manifest indicators of a human being with immense potential.

Absorb into yourself the world’s full richness and goodness and fun and genius, so that when someone tells you it’s not worth fighting for, you will stick up for it, protect it, run to its defence, because it is your world they’re talking about, then watch that world continue to pour itself into you in gratitude. A little smart vampire full of raging love, amazed by the world – that will be you, my young friend, the earth shaking at your feet.

Love, Nick”

Hope this helps. See you around the traps!


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Man Utd 4-2 Sheff Utd: A Slumberous Win


It looked like it was going to mirror the game in January 2021. A mistake from the keeper to allow Sheffield Utd to go ahead, as Onana passed to Bogle, who finished past him. Maguire would bring us back into it with a header. However, Sheffield Utd go ahead again surprisingly, with a Diaz strike. Then the Bruno show turned on, as a penalty, which funnily ruled out an own goal, a long range pearler and an excellent assist for Hojlund to wrap things up. Less of a heart raiser than the FA Cup semi final but with all the worries that presented as well.

The Scorpion and The Frog

The myth is well known – in order to cross the lake, the scorpion asks the frog to get him across. The frog, knowing what the scorpion does, says why should he trust the scorpion and rightly points out that he would drown as well. Halfway across, the frog’s greatest fear is realised and the scorpion stings him to send them both to their watery demise. As it happens, the frog asks why and simply, the scorpion says “it is what I am”.

Given the fact that Rashford hobbled off against Coventry, it meant that a spot in the attack was going to open up. It should have been likely to anyway with the way Rashford played but it was certainty now. Before the game, Ten Hag was asked about the lack of Amad’s inclusion in the starting XI, with which the manager said that he should have played more. The barrier to entry for the Ivorian is Garnacho when everyone is now fit but on occasions like this, it is Antony, the £86 million signing that was pushed by Ten Hag. He has let him down time and time again. His stay in the first XI was far too long for the performances he was putting up and Garnacho should have been the starting RW way before that.

Any chance there is that the Dutchman has where he can find a way to claw back some bit of respect for both him and Antony, he snatches at it. So today there was no surprise that Antony was going to be on the right. Ten Hag may act like the helpless Frog as he watches himself drown with Antony seeing as he gave Trusty of Sheffield Utd an incredibly easy night but in the story, the Frog had one chance. This is a continuation of Ten Hag knowing that better options are available to him yet he’d rather play the politics of protecting his decision of 2 years ago rather than focus on the much more pressing matter, which is the security of his job. It was almost an admission of this fact that with no barely of 8 mins of the second half passing, Amad was being readied as the Blades had re-established their lead and it was for Antony.

The Brazilian is not much of an attacker. He tries his best to carry himself like one and pretends to offer some sort of threat with his attempts of flair & skill but there is nothing intriguing anymore after almost 2 seasons of the same ineptness. The right hand side offered little compared to the left hand side, in which Dalot and Garnacho were constantly an offensive threat. Amad came on and it would be interesting to see how much more of the game was played down the right after his introduction. Perhaps it is the variety of his movement off the line or right on the edge. Sharp play from him led up to the corner that we got the penalty from. A better touch from Bruno and Amad would have set him in on goal. Even on Sunday, the width of the crossbar separated that combo again from going ahead against Coventry. It might be time for Ten Hag to look for a safer passage across the choppy waters rather than taking the route where he knows he is going to sink time and time again.

Other Thoughts

His last two substitutions have been great cause of talk in the past 10 days – one through his own doing and the other through no fault of his own. Garnacho’s liking of two tweets that criticised his exit against Bournemouth was reprimanded internally by the manager – as the Argentine apologised – and his second against Coventry, preceded the collapse that almost saw that historic, embarrassing defeat. Today, he was being played on the left, where he was at home before. As aforementioned, he was a threat. Our biggest in that first half. He rarely is never not a threat through the sheer way he plays and his mentality. The problem is that he didn’t take two chances that should have put us ahead. They were good interventions by Foderingham, who had a stellar half, but at least one should have nestled in the net. He is 19 so there is an expectation of the lack of quality now and it to be ironed out in the future but these misses could have been costly tonight.

It wasn’t because of Bruno Fernandes, who has turned it from the embarrassing defeat to the score in ended up today. He has been in magnificent goalscoring form of late. He made it 7 in the last 5 games. The penalty he dispatched with aplomb and the finish on his left to put us ahead for the first time in the game was brilliant as well.

The post Man Utd 4-2 Sheff Utd: A Slumberous Win first appeared on Republik Of Mancunia: A Manchester United Blog.

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Preview: West Ham United vs. Bayer Leverkusen – prediction, team news, lineups


Sports Mole previews Thursday’s Europa League clash between West Ham United and Bayer Leverkusen, including predictions, team news and possible lineups.

Proudly sporting their Bundesliga winners’ medals, Bayer Leverkusen now seek to finish the job in the second leg of their Europa League quarter-final with West Ham United on Thursday evening.

The newly-crowned German champions strolled past David Moyes‘s men 2-0 in last week’s opening battle, although their hosts already have one comeback win over a Bundesliga outfit under their belt in 2024.

Match preview

© Reuters

The one-man wall of Lukasz Fabianski repeatedly kept Bayer Leverkusen at bay at the BayArena on April 11, but the former Arsenal man – who made a staggering nine saves on the evening – could only hold out for so long before the Werkself pressure told.

None of Leverkusen’s starters managed to breach the Hammers’ backline, but substitutes Jonas Hofmann and Victor Boniface both found the mark in the final 10 minutes to propel the Bundesliga winners to a success that their astonishing 33-shot tally thoroughly deserved.

West Ham had never faced so many attempts on goal during the Moyes era – the last time the Irons conceded more chances was in January 2014, being subjected to 39 attempts versus Chelsea – but they memorably responded to a last-16 first-leg loss to Freiburg with a 5-0 home beatdown.

The London Stadium faithful are unlikely to be holding out hope of another second-leg turnaround if Sunday’s showing against Fulham is anything to go by, though, as an Andreas Pereira brace condemned Moyes’s men to another 2-0 defeat, where Fabianski was again the sole reason that the Cottagers did not chalk up more.

Boasting just one success from their last six matches in all competitions during an indifferent run of form, the Hammers also have just two wins to show from 10 home contests in 2024, and they have been knocked out of their last two European ties when losing the first leg by at least two goals.

Bayer Leverkusen players celebrate winning the Bundesliga with the trophy on April 14, 2024© Reuters

The Europa Conference League champions can take significant encouragement from an 11-game home winning run in continental matches, but such statistics may pale into triviality against the irrepressible juggernaut of Bayer Leverkusen, who will don a gold Bundesliga badge on their shirt sleeves for 2024-25.

After a handful of other head coaches announced their decision to leave their posts at the end of the season, the highly sought-after Xabi Alonso reaffirmed his commitment to Bayer Leverkusen and is now reaping the rewards of his loyalty, helping Die Werkself conquer the German football scene for the very first time.

Leverkusen’s inaugural Bundesliga crown was sealed in typically ruthless fashion at the weekend, where a Florian Wirtz hat-trick, quintessential Granit Xhaka thunderbolt and Boniface penalty sealed a 5-0 romping of Werder Bremen, thus ending Bayern Munich’s 11-year dominant streak in the top flight.

Celebrations would have quickly died down for Alonso and co, though, as Leverkusen bid for a 14th European progression from 14 ties in which they have won the first leg by multiple goals, and they arrive in the English capital with their unbeaten record for 2023-24 incredibly still intact.

From their last 43 matches in all tournaments, Leverkusen have rejoiced in a magnificent 38 wins – including their last eight on the spin – alongside five draws, although a blockbuster semi-final with Roma or AC Milan will be West Ham’s reward should they spoil the Werkself party on home turf.

West Ham United Europa League form:

West Ham United form (all competitions):

Bayer Leverkusen Europa League form:

Bayer Leverkusen form (all competitions):

Team News

West Ham United's Lucas Paqueta celebrates scoring their first goal on March 17, 2024© Reuters

West Ham’s Premier League loss to Fulham at the weekend was overshadowed by a worrying head injury to 19-year-old top-flight debutant George Earthy, who had only been on the field for eight minutes before coming off worse in a collision with teammate Edson Alvarez.

Earthy – an unused substitute in the first leg – has since been discharged from hospital but is sure to sit out Thursday’s game, but Kalvin Phillips (thigh), Alphonse Areola (groin) and – crucially – Jarrod Bowen, whose back issue is still giving him grief, have all trained and might be involved in some capacity.

In addition, Moyes has lost both Lucas Paqueta and Emerson Palmieri to untimely suspensions, while Dinos Mavropanos has failed to complete the full 90 in either of West Ham’s last two matches and appears to be a doubt for the visit of the German champions as well.

In contrast, Leverkusen only have two fitness concerns to factor in for Thursday’s contest in the shape of strikers Borja Iglesias (unspecified) Adam Hlozek, who is likely to miss the next couple of weeks with an ankle issue, but they have not been sorely missed by any stretch.

Indeed, another fascinating battle between Boniface and Patrik Schick to lead the line will materialise this week, while the much-coveted Wirtz – who astonishingly recorded his Werder Bremen hat-trick as a second-half substitute – will return to his rightful place in the XI.

Blessed with formidable options for change in all areas of the field, Alonso should also bring fearsome full-backs Jeremie Frimpong and Alejandro Grimaldo back into the starting lineup, while Exequiel Palacios could be a straight swap for Robert Andrich in the centre.

West Ham United possible starting lineup:
Fabianski; Zouma, Aguerd, Cresswell; Coufal, Alvarez, Soucek, Ward-Prowse, Johnson; Kudus, Antonio

Bayer Leverkusen possible starting lineup:
Hradecky; Kossounou, Tah, Stanisic; Frimpong, Xhaka, Palacios, Grimaldo; Wirtz, Adli; Boniface

SM words green background

We say: West Ham United 1-3 Bayer Leverkusen (Leverkusen win 5-1 on aggregate)

The weekend’s energy-sapping title celebrations may be felt by Alonso’s men at the London Stadium, but the German champions have a near fully-fit squad and plenty of candidates for rotation, which spells serious danger for a ravaged West Ham outfit.

Conceding shots at an alarming rate and with Bowen still not at 100%, the Irons’ continental adventure should end with a whimper, as the indomitable Leverkusen continue their quest for a domestic and European double.

For data analysis of the most likely results, scorelines and more for this match please click here.

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The Best PS5 Casino Games To Play In 2024


Your PS5 is good for so many things. It’s a great gaming machine, of course, but it can also play movies and music, help you connect with friends, and much more besides.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked ways your PS5 can provide you with endless entertainment is through its simulations of great casino gaming experiences, including classics like baccarat, blackjack, and many more.

Whether you’re looking to play for real money or just enjoy the experience of casino gaming without putting cash on the line, there’s plenty your PS5 can do for you in this regard. Here are the best PS5 casino games to play in 2024.

Can you play PS5 casino games on your web browser?

Before we proceed, one question that many PS5 gamers ask is whether it’s possible to enjoy casino games via the console’s built-in web browser.

Contrary to popular belief, the PS5 does, in fact, have web browser functionality, but it’s nowhere near as easy to access it as it was on the PS3 or PS4.

If you’re wondering how to play casino games with Tron, a blockchain entertainment platform that’s set to revolutionise the world of casino gaming, on your PS5, there are a couple of ways you might be able to achieve this (or, indeed, to play any kind of web-based casino game on your console).

One way to access your PS5’s web browser is to send a friend a message containing the link to the site you want to access.

Once you’ve done this, you can then click that link within the message and be brought to the site you’re looking to go to. Of course, this isn’t a guaranteed way to access the web; some sites won’t work thanks to the way the PS5’s browser works.

Prior to November 2023, it was also possible to access websites on the PS5 using an embedded Twitter/X link, but since Sony has removed X integration from its console, you can no longer visit the web browser in this way.

As such, if your PS5’s browser won’t load the link you want to use via a message, then you may have to make peace with the fact that you won’t be able to access the browser-based casino game you want to try on your console. There are always other ways though!

The best PS5 casino games out there right now

Now that we’ve examined whether it’s possible to play casino games (crypto-based or otherwise!) on your PS5, let’s take a look at some of the best casino games you can buy for the console right now.

A quick note: many of these games are PS4 titles that are playable via backwards compatibility, because the PS5 isn’t exactly replete with casino games. Let’s forge ahead!

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

This free-to-play casino sim doesn’t just offer a host of classic casino games to enjoy (although it certainly has those as well). Instead, it’s a living, breathing simulation of a casino environment, complete with avatar creation, customisation, and a fully-realised world to explore.

You can find old-school casino favourites like blackjack, poker, and roulette to play here, and you can do it within a social environment that truly feels like a real casino.

Given that this one’s entirely free to play (although it does also feature optional in-game purchases if you want to spend some money), it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot, right?

Prominence Poker

Much like The Four Kings Casino and Slots, Prominence Poker is free to play, so giving it a shot doesn’t entail more than just downloading it and firing it up.

Many casino games don’t feature story elements, but Prominence Poker bucks the trend. It’s set in a lawless town founded by ex-cons, with The Mayor calling the shots at the top.

If you want to take on Prominence Poker’s challenges on your own, you can do so, but there’s also a rich multiplayer component here, complete with ranked play if you want to test your poker skills against the best of the best.

Vegas Party

If you like your casino games with a healthy dollop of wacky, then Vegas Party is definitely for you. This is a minigame-fuelled race to the top that sees you competing against other gamblers for Vegas supremacy.

There are plenty of casino-based minigames on offer here, too, including variations on bingo and roulette, as well as lots of other favourites you’ll recognise if you’re a casino regular.

Granted, Vegas Party isn’t going to rival Four Kings or Prominence Poker when it comes to realism and immersion, but that’s also not the goal of the game; it’s all about fun, so if you’ve got a few minutes to kill and you’re looking for a party game, this one will help pass the time.

Grand Theft Auto Online

It’s entirely possible to buy the standalone version of Grand Theft Auto Online on PS5 now, so you don’t need to pick up the single-player component of GTA V if you don’t want to (although we’d recommend doing so).

Grand Theft Auto Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort offers lots of casino games to enjoy, all within the immersive environment of GTA Online, so you can experience what life is like as a high roller.

Not only that, but of course, since this is GTA Online, you can also rob the place for all it’s worth in one of the game’s climactic heists, so even if you’re not feeling up to casino gaming, you can still enjoy what this glitzy and ritzy update has to offer.


The PS5 has more than its fair share of great casino games to enjoy, so no matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find something to play on the PlayStation Store.

The console is still young, too, so the library of casino games is only likely to expand as time goes on!

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HMD debuts its first original Pulse series phones with ‘Gen 1’ repairability


What you need to know

  • HMD has debuted its first original lineup of phones under the “Pulse” series.
  • The trio features the same Unisoc T606 CPU and Android 14. However, the Pulse Pro offers a set of 50MP cameras and a 5,000mAh battery with 20W fast charging.
  • HMD launches its Pulse series in international markets, though the company plans to bring the “HMD Vibe” to the U.S. market.

HMD Global announces the launch of its “first original” trio of devices dubbed the Pulse series.

According to a press release, HMD states the new Pulse series is the beginning of its commitment to bring self-repairable devices to consumers. Under the “Gen 1 repairability” title, the company adds its partnership with iFixit should help users quickly find the parts they need if anything goes wrong.

(Image credit: hm)

The HMD Pulse Pro leads the trio with a 6.6-inch HD+ display. The back of the phone contains a vertical dual camera array featuring a 50 MP AF Dual camera and a 2MP depth sensor. HMD states consumers will find a Super Night and Tripod mode alongside Flash Shot and AI HDR.

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